A Complete Guide to Shatter

No, shatter isn’t some new slang word for stoned, although we could understand why newbies might confuse the two. In the cannabis space, shatter refers to a hard, hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate that resembles a glorious green shard of stained glass. The majority of people who Buy Shatter In Burnaby use it exclusively on dab rigs. Shatter fans often rave about this concentrate’s ease of handling, delicious flavours, and mind-blowing effects. However that doesn’t mean shatter is suitable for all cannabis customers especially complete newbies. New cannabis users should understand the pros and cons of shatter before making a purchase.

The What, How, And When Of Cannabis Shatter

Shatter is a solvent-extracted cannabis concentrate like wax, budder or sauce. However unlike these softer concentrates, shatter has a hard consistency even at room temperature. It’s this thin and almost stained glass texture that earned shatter its name. According to most accounts, the Canadian company BudderKing deserves credit for creating the first successful batch of shatter. While BudderKing may have been experimenting with shatter in the it wasn’t until that the company formally released this revolutionary concentrate. It didn’t take long for news of shatter’s remarkable potency and unique texture to spread through the cannabis industry. Today, most shatter manufacturers use butane to extract the maximum cannabinoids from cannabis buds. However, it’s also increasingly common for extractors to use supercritical CO2. Whatever solvent scientists use, they must thoroughly purge this extract before shipping it out to the public. In the case of shatter, manufacturers usually place their extract on a thin slab and hold a press in place for at least one day. This final step guarantees shatter will have its brilliantly brittle texture. Even though concentrates like shatter go through solvent-based extraction, please don’t freak out about inhaling traces of butane. Shatter manufacturers go through extensive quality-control screenings. Companies also submit their cannabis products for comprehensive lab analyses to verify there’s no solvent residue, heavy metals, or other contaminants.

What Are The Pros Of Shatter? 

Like all other cannabis concentrates, shatter is beloved for its potency. Many of the shatter varieties on today’s market contain THC levels between 65 – 85 percent. So if you’re someone who needs to feel weed’s effects in a flash, shatter will get you stoned in seconds. While potency is shatter’s main selling point, it’s not the most unique benefit associated with this concentrate. After all, dozens of other concentrates boast similarly stellar cannabinoid counts.

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