Making homemade edibles is economical and completely customizable. You’ll be able to choose Buy Edibles In Burnaby based on your dietary needs. People on restricted diets due to diabetes can control the quantity and type of sweetener they use. Vegans can be sure that their edibles contain only plant-based ingredients and weren’t made in a facility that processes animal products.

Cooking your own edibles also makes it easier to adhere to practices in line with your social conscience. You can make sure your homemade edibles contain all organic, local ingredients that come from free-trade and cruelty-free sources.

You also get to decide which strain of cannabis or CBD product you use. Additionally, you can control the extraction method and the dosage. If you’re a home grower, making edibles provides an excellent way to use trim and leaves from your harvest. Above all, making homemade edibles is a lot of fun!

Cons of Making Edibles at Home:

Making homemade edibles takes time and skill. The process can be challenging if you’re not already a decent cook. The main obstacle for beginners (and many experienced cooks) is calculating appropriate dosages and gauging the potency of homemade edibles.

Measuring the Dosage of Homemade Edibles

tarting with a lab-tested CBD or THC product can help, but you’ll still be left with complicated calculations to figure out how strong your final product will be. And if you happen to grow your own cannabis, you won’t know the THC content of your flower or trim unless you send it out for a costly lab test.

That’s why we developed the tCheck cannabis potency testing device, a quick and easy way for you to get an accurate reading on the THC or CBD content of your infusions—right from the comfort of your kitchen. Just add a drop of butter, oil, or tincture to the slide, insert the slide into the tCheck device, push a few buttons, and Voila! tCheck’s digital screen will tell you exactly how much CBD or THC is in your infusion.

Do you want to know how much cannabis infusion you’ll need to add for exactly 16, five-milligram servings? No problem. tCheck comes with an onboard calculator that will tell you precisely how many teaspoons, tablespoons, or milliliters to add for each portion. It’s that easy!

Are you looking to find out the cannabinoid content in your flower or concentrate? We’ve got you covered. With tCheck’s Expansion Kit, you can find out the potency of your homegrown cannabis, hash, or shatter in mere minutes.

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