Grape seed extract polyphenols help with muscle recovery.

Today I’m going to talk about a supplement I’d like to use for faster workout recovery and potentially increased CBD for muscle recovery.

Lifting weights to look good on the beach? damaged.

Get tackled or blocked during football season? damaged.

Run because you love it? damaged.

Muscle damage may not be the most felt, but it is necessary to improve strength.

Muscular damage is key to strength

The secret to good results: quick recovery before it gets damaged again

Injury and optimal recovery before your next workout challenge are essential steps to improving strength, performance and muscle size. For best performance, cycles should be cycled at the highest possible rate.

Study on How Grape Seed Extract Helps with Muscle Recovery

About six months ago I came across a study published by a South African research group that tried to see if it could promote muscle recovery. This was an animal study with rats (not the best time to be a rat, by the way).

The research method was simple. Muscle injury was induced in rats and grape seed extract was administered either 2 weeks before injury or 2 weeks after injury.

Rats were treated with the human equivalent of 140 mg of grape seed extract daily. Then, the damaged muscles were examined under a microscope, antibody tests were performed to investigate stem cell activation, and inflammatory markers were measured.

Trial 1: Rats were loaded with calf muscles and given supplements for 2 weeks.

Trial 2: Rats were first given grape seed extract and then weighted on the calf muscles.

Grape Seed Extract Helps with Muscle Recovery

The treated groups appeared as follows.

→ faster and more complete muscle healing

→ rapid recovery of muscle structure

→ rapid muscle stem cell activation

→ low-level inflammation

SUMMARY: Two animal studies have shown that human doses equivalent to 140 mg of standardized grape seed extract affect the time course and activation status of muscle-repair-producing satellite cells, resulting in faster muscle recovery.

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