we’ll tell you everything you should know about grinders. First let’s start with a simple explanation, most of you know what a grinder is but some probably don’t (yet). In addition, it is always important to keep a grinder clean so that it lasts longer and remains smoother. Of course it is also better hygiene to keep your grinder clean. More on this further in this blog. Do you want to buy a grinder? These can be found here: grinders

First what is a grinder?

A grinder is a crusher, cruncher, crumbler or more simply a (weed) grinder that grinds your Cannabis (buds) into finer crumbs, granules or powder. Grinders come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors and materials, and with or without (multiple) filters. We will discuss as many as possible in this blog. There are also (emergency) alternatives to a grinder, but nothing beats having a good weed crumbler.

Emergency solutions

We quickly discuss emergency solutions for those who, for whatever reason, do not have a grinder within reach. The most obvious solution in this case is to crumble the herb Cannabis with your fingertips. However, this can become very sticky and you lose some THC that sticks to your fingers. Hygiene also plays a role for some, especially when a joint is going to be shared. The next solution is a bit better, use scissors to cut your buds and make small pieces of it, of course this can also be done with a sharp knife, a cutting board and some precision. However, many people have a pestle and mortar in their kitchen, which you can also use to Pink weed grinder all kinds of herbs, including cannabis. Of course, the grinder remains the most efficient solution, but necessity breaks the law, they say. Fortunately, we offer grinders and grinder cards in every price category.

Creditcard Grinders

Another very good alternative to a grinder is a grinder card, which works like a grater for weed (buds) and with this you can easily grind dried cannabis. This is the best alternative to grinders and the advantage is that they even fit in your wallet, they are about the same size as a debit card, ID card, etc. Do you want one? Quick check here: credit card grinders

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